Self-Made Career

On April 4th 6:00- 8:00 PM, in RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, RISEBA Architecture and media center H2O 6 (Durbes 4) will be Opened- event.

Conversation, Guest Lecture, Meet-up, Experience Story - a form in which 3 talented RISEBA students will share their experience, opinion, and motivation. On a daily basis, they express their thoughts on the social networks for thousands of followers, but on this event, students are ready to tell: how, why and what it means to them.

As the first speaker to the event will be Emīlija Sama, RISEBA Public Relations and Advertising Management study program student. Olga Bogdanova, RISEBA Audiovisual, and Media Arts student will also share her opinion. How to see opportunities? How to light a glass of light? Revolutions and opinion from Antons Sparans, RISEBA Business Studies student.

The event will take place within RISEBA Career Day 2019 platform, everyone interested is welcomed! Please register:

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The event will be held in Latvian.

Self-Made Karjera