Students from 4 countries meet with representatives of company “Latvijas Pasts”

Within the framework of the project ProCESS (Processing Complexity with Emotional, Sensorial and Spiritual Skills) in October students met with representatives of Latvian company “Latvijas Pasts” to better understand the developed complex situation regarding the implementation of the company's values.

Students also visited two post offices to talk to their staff about their day-to-day responsibilities, employment and understanding of values.

The meeting was attended by students from partner universities: JAMK - University of Applied Sciences (Finland), TUCN – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania), UCLy Lyon Catholic University (France) and RISEBA (Latvia).

This was the first visit to Riga for foreign students, therefore the students met with the representatives of RISEBA Student Council and were also introduced to the activities of the university.

Having acquired sensory, mental and emotional skills, four students from each university will continue to work on a complex situation solution, presenting the final solution at the end of January at the Jyaskyla Winter School, organized by JAMK University of Applied Sciences.


The meeting took place before the Latvian lockdown due to the restrictions of Covid-19.