Alumni news

Dear “RISEBA” alumni!

You are welcome to join the “RISEBA Alumni” Association that aims to bring together "RISEBA" alumni and to promote personal and career development of our graduates.

Among more than 12,500+ alumni "RISEBA" has specialists at the forefront of business and arts in Latvia and worldwide. Whether these are recent graduates, just launching their career or industry veterans, “RISEBA” encourages graduates to remain engaged in all that the University has to offer as well as share, connect and support each other. 

“RISEBA” offers a wide range of services:

-Homecoming events, seminars, professional development lectures, network meetings;
- Support and advice from RISEBA professionals;
- “RISEBA Career Development Centre” offers graduates an opportunity to participate in lifelong learning programmes, including lectures, seminars, and conferences. 
- “RISEBA Creative Business Incubator” was launched in 2013 to provide start-up advice and support to students and alumni. Professional support, guidance, and contacts, as well as free workshops on business fundamentals, are available to alumni. 
- “RISEBA Loyalty programme” was established to engage and reward “RISEBA” graduates. The programme offers a wide range of discounts and special offers for products and services from participating partners. “RISEBA” encourages alumni to participate in the programme with their businesses.
-Opportunities to participate in the study process and events (as guest lecturers, become student mentors, industry experts).

Join the “RISEBA Alumni” Association on social media here.
You all are very welcome at “RISEBA”! Your success is also our success!