Payment procedure:

The Student is entitled to change the payment schedule once a year in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the Contract on acquisition of education:

a) to pay by study years by 15 August of each year;

b) to pay by semesters in 2 instalments, by the 15th  August and 15th January of each year, where the Annual Tuition fee is divided in 2 payments. In this case the Tuition Fee increases by 5%.

If the date of conclusion of this Contract falls after the date of the payment mentioned in the Payment schedule of the Tuition fee, the Student has the obligation to pay the first payment mentioned in the Payment schedule of the Tuition fee within 7 (seven) days from the moment of conclusion of this Contract.

Additional paid services

How payments are made?

Information for payment task:

student's name and surname / personal identity number / payment code

Berzins Janis / 010182-11111 / M01 tuition fee 
Berzins Janis / 010182-11111 / M06 registration

Bank details:

Ltd. "Biznesa, mākslas un tehnoloģiju augstskola "RISEBA""
Registration No.: 40003090010
Bank: A/S Swedbank
Account No. LV24HABA0001408052471


M01 tuition fee –for tuition/study fee (all programmes have the same code)
M02 indipendent work
M03 exam – for an examination which is taken before or after the time specified in the study schedule
M04 LCCI exam – par eksāmenu, kuru kārto pirms vai pēc studiju grafikā noteiktā laika
M05 contractual penalty – for a contractual penalty of 0.2% per day of the amount of overdue tuition fee payment
M06 registration – for document registration
M08 renewal – for the renewal of studies
M09 study course – for attending additional selected study courses
M10 statement– for academic reference
M11 repeated defense
M12 copy of diploma – fee for the issue of a duplicate/copy of the diploma
M13 consultation 
M14 repeated pre-defense of thesis
M15 study course curriculum
M16 fee for permit of residence
M17 change of type / form of study programme
M18 C part study course change
M19 acceptance of previous study results
M20 fee - library
M23 deposit
M24 post office fee
M27 change of schedule of tuition fees
M99 other