Strategic Business Management


An opportunity to acquire an MD for one year!

Mastering the study programme is intended for persons that have acquired higher profiling (in the field of business, economics or similar) education and the duration of bachelor’s studies of which has been at least 4 years.

The study programme modules have been developed so that they would cover all principal functions of a business company, thus providing the students (potential managers) with a strategic view on the organization and its management. Special attention is paid to the development of the student’s personality and improving business communication skills because it is these skills that the employer's rate as the most important in a business environment.

Degree awarded: Professional Master’s degree in management science (programme accreditation)
The language of studies: Latvian
International opportunities: One semester studies within the ERASMUS exchange programme
Credit points: 42
ECTS: 63
EKI: 7

Form of study and tuition fees

Programme description 2017/2018

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Kurovs_0.jpgProgramme Director:
Jevgenijs Kurovs, Dr.oec.

Tel: +371 26478976
[email protected]





Advantages of the programme 

• the aggregate of subjects included in the programme will prepare the students for creative work in the chosen sector 
• the students will have to develop real projects that will increase the advantages of graduates on the labor market 
• it will be possible to improve personal skills and competencies
• the study process of RISEBA uses case studies, problem resolution, and analytical research work 
• individual approach to every student
• flexible study schedule and flexible payment schedule 
• a wide range of discounts

Programme modules and their content 

Business strategy and models

The module includes the following sections: Business strategy and competitiveness in an international environment; Business models; Organisation design and Corporate management and business sustainability.

Efficient manager’s skills

The module includes the following sections: Modern management and organizational psychology; Business negotiation skills; Art-based approaches to organization management; Coaching, mentoring and supervision.

Personnel, information and knowledge management

The module includes the following sections: Personnel and change management; Innovation and intellectual property protection; IT for increasing business efficiency.

Globalization, markets, and finance

The module includes the following sections: Globalisation processes and marketing; Financial markets and institutions.

Practical projects and research

The module includes the following sections: Research logics and methodology; Project laboratory; Practical project.

Master’s Thesis

A theoretical study of issues topical for management science or a practical study resolving problems of a particular organization or sector that will, possibly, open new views or new opportunities for you in business and career.

RISEBA is entitled to amend the content of programme subjects and a number of hours up to 20%.

Studies take place on every second Friday from 18:00 to 21:10, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 17:30 or 19:10

** If the tuition fee is divided into monthly payments, then an increase of 5% of the fee for administrative costs is applied.