Study Loans

Loans for students with the government guarantee

  • Favorable interest rate: 2.5% + 6 month EURIBOR.
  • Opportunity to study in Latvia and abroad.
  • Repayment of principal amount only after graduation.

Study loan — funds to cover tuition fees at accredited higher education establishments and colleges in Latvia and abroad.

Student loan — funds to cover daily needs of students during studies (only for full-time students).

To apply for a loan you must submit an application and receive approval at in your school. After that fill out an application in internet bank come at a branch of SEB bank.

Study Loan
Student Loan
Amount of Funding Does not exceed the established tuition fee. The maximum amount of loan for the study curriculum is determined by the Ministry of Education and Science. Does not exceed 80% of state's defined minimum wage  (per month)
Collateral on the Loan
  • Guarantee of a private person

    A pledge of a real estate or securities can be offered as a collateral instead of a guarantee given by a private person

    Cabinet Regulation

Criteria for Guarantors
  • A private person of full age with regular income at least in the amount of the minimum salary established by the government
  • If the guarantor has loans, the permissible sum total of loan payments must be less than 40 % of their income

Issues to be considered:

  • If the person provides guarantees for several people that are not children of the guarantor, the income must exceed the minimum salary multiplied by the number of students.
  • If the person applying for the loan has a loan repayment debt for the debt received earlier, the total sum of the debt is equal to the amount from two to ten minimum salaries established by the government and the delay of repayment exceeds 60 days, the income of the guarantor must not be less than two minimum salaries established by the government.

A guarantee is not required if:

  • The student is an orphan or has lost the custody of both parents and has not reached the age of 24
  • A person with 1st or 2nd category of disability
Loan Payments Twice per year, by the transfer of the sum to the account of the higher educational institution. Monthly (except for July and August), by the transfer of the sum to the account of the student held with SEB bank.

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Swedbank offers non—state guaranteed study loans which are easy and fast to set up.To calculate your monthly payment and sign up for a consultation at a time convenient for you, go to Swedbank website.

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