Business Psychology



RISEBA Bachelor’s programme in Business Psychology is the first programme of this kind in Latvia and is one of the few programmes offered in Europe. Students who choose this programme will gain a comprehensive understanding of business and management combined with a profound knowledge of psychology. This unique blend will enhance students’ marketability and give them a considerable advantage as they enter the labour market.

Business Psychology programme will provide its students with the skills and knowledge to apply psychological principles to business problems in the workplace. Different career paths are open to the programme graduates – from running small and medium enterprises to starting, running and growing own companies in any business setting. Programme graduates are effective managers and responsible business people who make decisions based on financial and economic indicators and also consider the psychological aspects of specific business functions and processes.

Degree awarded:

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Accreditations: until June 31st,2021
Language of instruction: Latvian and English
Credit points/ECTS: 120 (180 ETC)
  The accreditation process of the study field is currently underway. At the end of this process, a new accreditation term will take effect.
Tuition fee  


Programme director


Mg.psych., Anete Hofmane
Phone: +371  67 626 600
E-mail: [email protected]


Programme  curriculum


1st year of studies 2nd year of studies

Personal Development and Team Building
Cross Cultural Communication and Psychology
General Psychology
Civil defence
Presentation Skills
Business Communication in English I
Business Communication in English II
Business Ethics
Social Psychology
Introduction to Business Psychology Research
Social and applied ecology
Human Resource Management 
Organisational Psychology
Coaching in Business
*Free choice study course
Course Paper in Business Psychology I

Business Laws and Regulations
Pathopsychology in Organisation I
Management Psychology
Behavioral Economics
Political Psychology
Stress and Burnout Management
Business Communication in English III
Business Communication in English IV
*Free choice study course
Management and Mediation of Conflicts in Organisation
Pathopsychology in Organisation II
Personality Research Methods in Organisation
Scientific Research and Data Processing Methods I
Course Paper in Business Psychology II
3rd year of studies  

Financial Management
Career Development Theories
Innovation Management
Creativity in Business
Managerial Accounting
International Business
Psychological Aspects of Group Management 
Strategic Management
International Marketing
Basics of Project Management
*Free choice study course
Business psychology
Scientific Research and Data Processing Methods I
Bachelor thesis



Study methods

Lecturers with extensive practical experience, international learning environment. The diversity of approaches and teaching methodsas well as personalized approach to every student.


Application process

Admission requirements 2020/2021


RISEBA main building

Address: 3 Meža Street, Riga, LV-1048 
Telephone: + 371 67 500 265
Mob: + 371 26465351
E-mail: [email protected]