Atis Silis 

Atis SīlisGraduate of 2016

Vice-champion of Table Hockey World Championship, 2015

Champion of Table Hockey European Championship, 2014

Champion of Table Hockey World Championship, 2013

Six-times Latvian Table Hockey champion in the OPEN group.

Why RISEBA? I could picture myself as a part of this university as soon as I found out what it was: different academic fields, which are still directly or indirectly connected; double degree programme, which gives you an opportunity to acquire two higher education diplomas, in Latvia and abroad, during one education period; everyday activities and events.

Bachelor degree programme “Public relations and advertising management” offers a lot of employment opportunities: public relations, advertising, marketing, human resource management, sales management, etc. We were taught how to understand consumer behaviour and make it your advantage, how to use media and represent yourself effectively, how to explore your own creativity, how to lead a project individually or become a part of the team, and overall the value of the corporate identity, etc.

RISEBA lecturers are extremely professional and they know how to get students’ attention, they are very opened and helpful and are keen on engaging in extracurricular activities.

I have personally attended and organised many RISEBA University events and activities, such as guest lectures, visits to companies, meetings with international experts, international students’ exchange projects and many more.

Another exciting thing about RISEBA University is RISEBA Student Council. Student Council makes the student life more enjoyable overall, but it is also highly dependent on your own desire to get involved. I worked as RISEBA Student Council Head of International division to arrange all the necessary activities for ERASMUS+ students, who come to Latvia, from parties to the important career developing activities to get the most out of the university experience.

RISEBA University of Applied Sciences graduates are also benefitting the university experience – a lot of them have their own businesses and they are becoming university partners and friends, which often means internship opportunities, wider network of professional contacts and possible employment.

There are always things to improve, but what RISEBA offers is of a top quality, you just need to be brave and curious enough to stand up and take them.


 Elīna Bārtule

Elīna Bārtule

Graduate of 2015

I decided to apply to RISEBA University of Applied Sciences after short, but very useful communication with university representatives at “SKOLA 2011” education fair. During the study period I gained deep theoretical knowledge, developed my creativity, learned to speak aloud and defend my ideas and to overcome my fears. During my university internship I could really get an insight on the industry university was preparing me for and I straight away knew RISEBA was the right choice. I also obtained a lot of new friends, colleagues and a very wide network of professional contacts in RISEBA and I am grateful to our lecturers, who were patient, supportive and extremely professional.

Eriks Osmanis

Ēriks OsmanisGraduate of 2014

I strongly believe that RISEBA University of Applied Sciences is a very modern and technologically advanced university, which follows all the latest academic and scientific trends. University management team is very supportive and always very helpful. It was always possible to find assistance and, despite being very busy, people would make time for me and do something to actually help me solving my problem. First two educations years were really busy, but, as we grew older, there were fewer contact hours and more of individual study time. For me was very convenient, because I could go on my business trips and continue full-time studies and I didn’t have to choose one over another. If I had to miss lecture because of work, lecturer would send me electronically all the materials in no time. Surely, as in any other university, there were extremely interesting lecturers who could grab your attention as soon as they enter the room, as well as the ones who would not be as exciting, but there also were a lot of famous in the industry guest lecturers, who could show us another side of chosen career path. I did get a lot out of my university experience as a professional and as a person. One of the biggest achievements is definitely the creative thinking. 


Author: Jana Logina, graduate

RISEBA graduate: Aliana Žuka