Beginning of undergraduate study year 2017/2018

The new academic year at RISEBA will commence on 4 September at 10 a.m. with ice-breaking lectures. Then at 10:000, you are welcome to join a RISEBA student procession from RISEBA main campus to RISEBA Architecture and Media centre H2O 6. First, you will be addressed by RISEBA Rector and later introduced to the University, our culture, standards, teaching staff, as well as your department and programme of study. Of course, you will have a possibility to meet other programmes’ students as well. 

Distance learning

Have you left Latvia and work abroad now?
Are you away on vacation and sunbathing at the seaside?
Are you a young mum and spend most of your time home?
And still, you are up-and-coming and want to continue studying?

DISTANCE LEARNING or E-STUDIES will become Your best choice!

Undergraduate Studies

Choose one of the offered study programs, study for 3-4 years and get your degree with a qualification. Choose your form of studies: day, evening, extramural or weekend department. After graduation you’ll be able to continue your studies and choose one of RISEBA postgraduate study programmes.

RISEBA offers the following undergraduate study programmes: