International Financial regulation and taxation


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karlis_ketners.jpgKārlis Ketners, Dr.oec.

Since 2009 professor of Riga Technical university (diploma nr.106) Department of Tax and Customs Faculty of Engineering Economy and Management (Courses on Tax Policy, International taxation, Tax Administration, Tax Planning, Modeling of Tax Receipts. Courses are covering transfer pricing, international taxation and GAAR issues. Case-by-case consultancy and participation in formulation of amendments to Latvian law On taxes and fees related to anti-avoidance issues upon request of Ministry of Finance).
Counsellor to Chairperson of Public Utilities Commission (2006 – 2010).
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia State Budget department director (2004 – 2006).
Director General State Revenue Service (2003 – 2004).
Different staff positions at Tax Policy Department of Ministry of Finance and State Revenue Service National Tax Board (1997 – 2003).


Aim of the course - in-depth learning of regulation of international finance and taxation and application of obtained knowledge in analysis of situations. The course acquisition allow students be more familiar with international financial institutions, Law on International regulating policy, regulating requirements.


Syllabus outline (themes, teaching and learning methods: seminars, practical assignments and other):

  • International taxation. International tax policy and tax treaties. Practical aspects of application of tax treaties. 
  • Financial and Monetary integration and cooperation. International Financial organizations. Financial and economic globalization. 
  • Theoretical basis of financial market. The international security regulation of banking system. Basel II, Basel III. Regulation of international finance and currency exchange.
  • Investments and its international regulation and law. Business corporate restructuring. Insolvency. Corporate Law. Anti-trust.
  • Economic law of European Union. Basic freedoms and regulations of European Union finances. State Aid regulation in the EU.


On successful completion of the course, student will be able to (knowledge, skills and competences):

  • Easy to use terminology on the fields of International Finance.
  • To interpret functioning of International financial system on the base of theoretical knowledge.
  • To know the governmental support mechanisms and to implement them in different business situations.
  • To integrate events in the financial sphere to analysis of results in the business sphere.
  • To compare amounts of tax payments in cases of Latvia and other countries.

Study environment

The studies are held at the main building of RISEBA – 3 Meža Street.


Diana Krone

Head of RISEBA Career Development Centre
Phone.: +371 67617698 +371 25620068
E - mail: [email protected]
Address: Meza street 3, room 311

RISEBA main building
3 Meža Street, Riga

You can reach the main building by trolleybus No 9, bus No 3 and 30 getting off at “Kalnciema iela” stop, as well as by tram No 4 or 5 getting off at “Nometņu iela” stop.


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International Financial regulation and taxation
International Financial regulation and taxation
International Financial regulation and taxation
International Financial regulation and taxation