INFORMAL INSIGHT. Madara Pavāre. B2B = H2H

About Madara

Madara Pavāre is Senior Marketing Communications Specialist for Europe, The Middle East and Africa at Cabot Corporation. On daily basis she is responsible for planning, coordinating and executing marketing communication activities in global business to business environment.

Madara is graduate from RISEBA European Business Studies program. She has supplemented her knowledge in international marketing by studying in Copenhagen and enrolling in various online and offline courses here in Latvia.  Since the beginning of her career, she has been specializing in business to business marketing at international level. Currently, Madara is doing her master’s degree in Public Relations Management and continues to seek ways how to convert B2B2 marketing communications to state of the art customer journey.

About Cabot

Currently, Madara works at Cabot Latvia that is a business service centre for Cabot Corporation – a leading global speciality chemicals and performance materials company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The 130-year old company has 45 manufacturing facilities in 21 countries and around 4500 employees around the world.

Cabot opened Business Services Centre in Riga, Latvia in 2014. Staffed with over 140 people, the centre provides business, financial, IT, purchasing, and customer services to the company’s operations in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

 About the lecture

During the lecture, you will learn all the tips and tricks they don’t teach you about B2B2 marketing at school. The theme of the lecture is B2B = H2H. Peek into business marketing and the importance of humans behind it.

1.    Introduction to B2B marketing
2.    B2B vs. B2C
3.    B2B marketing techniques
4.    Latest trends in B2B marketing
5.    Shift from B2B to H2H. Forget about B2B and remember about humans