Garage48 Arts & Robots 2020

Garage48 Arts & Robots 2020 is inviting you to a makeathon to combine the physical and digital worlds of technology and arts in prototypes of novel ideas. Go and build a prototype that unites hardware/software engineering with the ARTS or/and soft robotics.
Soft and bio-inspired robots are machines with an organic appearance and analogue movement offering new opportunities for design. The artists have a chance to test the aesthetics and perpetual properties of soft robotics, while the engineers stay focused on the functionality. Garage48 provides artists with a venue to develop new techniques and push the boundaries of the imagination.
They are inviting all students, working practitioners and specialists in the fields of: - product design

  • UI/UX design
  • the ARTS - hardware engineering
  • software engineering
  • mobile and web app development
  • material science and chemistry
  • biology, incl entomology and botany
  • medicine, rehabilitation, health care
  • business & marketing

You can go with or without an idea!
They offer top-notch mentors, materials & equipment for prototyping and all the food you can eat  to make your wildest ideas happen!
Register here
More info about mentors, agenda and tips for getting ready on their website
Attend the Facebook event for updates.
And in case you have any questions, drop them a line at [email protected]
Go and play at the perfect place to test out crazy ideas at the borderline of technology, robotics and the arts.


Garage48 Arts & Robots 2020