Financial Market Analysis and Wealth Planning


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janis_rozenfelds.jpgJanis Rozenfelds, MBA

Chief Investment Officer, Member of Management Board
SEB Wealth Management, Latvia

Jānis Rozenfelds is an experienced investment management professional responsible for more than EUR 800 million in assets under management at SEB Wealth Management, Latvia – one of the leading asset management companies in the country. Jānis manages a number of diverse mandates including pension funds, institutional portfolios and a money market mutual fund.

Prior to joining SEB in 2003 Jānis has held several positions at Deutsche Bank’s US oprations, Sprucegrove Investment Management Ltd. of Toronto, Canada and Bank of Latvia – the country’s Central Bank. Jānis’ broad experience as well as his international academic background enable him to share a valuable mix of theoretical and practical knowledge about global financial markets.


Aim of the course - develop skills to analyse data on financial markets and individual securities. Prepare analytical materials on macroeconomic topics and securities markets. Learn how to efficiently use sources of financial market information.


Syllabus outline (themes, teaching and learning methods: seminars, practical assignments and other):

  • Theme „Investment management process. Investment goals, investment policies, investment restrictions.” 
  • Theme „Macroeconomic and industry analysis.” 
  • Theme „Fundamental analysis of equity markets.” 
  • Theme „Fundamental analysis of fixed income markets.”
  • Theme „Technical analysis of financial instruments.” 


On successful completion of the course/module, student will be able to (knowledge, skills and competences):

  • Full understanding of the essence of analysis of financial markets.  Ability to perform detailed analytical work, forecast expected returns, select securities, provide clear reasoning for the decisions made.
  • Excellent understanding of fundamental and technical analysis. Outstanding ability to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the two methods and to apply them in real world situations.
  • Ability to perform a detailed, in-depth analysis and to make specific, detailed conclusions.
  • Excellent knowledge of the main sources of financial markets data and information.  Ability to use them efficiently in detailed, in-depth analytical work.

Study environment

The studies are held at the main building of RISEBA – 3 Meža Street.


Diana Krone

Head of RISEBA Career Development Centre
Phone.: +371 67617698 +371 25620068
E - mail: [email protected]
Address: Meza street 3, room 311

RISEBA main building
3 Meža Street, Riga

You can reach the main building by trolleybus No 9, bus No 3 and 30 getting off at “Kalnciema iela” stop, as well as by tram No 4 or 5 getting off at “Nometņu iela” stop.


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