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ATIS KAMPARS (LV) Lecturer in Fine arts and Theory of Art

Education: Art Academy of Latvia, pictorial art; St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture, named after I.E.Repin. Atis Kampars completed cultural heritage training in Zalcburg, Austria; holds a strategic management certificate from School of Economics in Riga in cooperation with the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan (USA).

He began his doctoral studies in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University (Helsinki) in 2010. His doctoral research is named “Culture of Academic Drawing – History, Problematics, and Context”. He learned drawing in the University of Southern Maine (USA) and in the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki (Kuvataideakatemia). He worked as Erasmus guest lecturer in several Scandinavian high schools. A participant of various European fine arts and design schools’ conferences; he represented Baltic fine arts schools in the North Association of Fine Arts High Schools (KUNO) from 2002 to 2006. He’s been working as an expert in higher education in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania since 2001. He participated in bachelor and master theses defence at the University of Tartu Institute for Cultural Research and Fine Arts and Vilnius Academy of Arts. Art expert at European Union representational offices in Latvia since 2010.

Study environment

The studies are held at RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6.


RISEBA Lifelong Learning Centre

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RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6
4 Durbes Street, Riga

You can reach Architecture and Media Centre by buses No 3 or 13 (direction Bolderaja) getting off at “Klinģeru iela” bus stop. Then you’ll have to walk back from the stop and turn left on the first street. Keep on walking along the street (passing by “Salmo” store) till you reach the furthest corner of RISEBA – turn left and you’ll find yourself in a small courtyard and see the entrance.

The map below shows the route to H2O 6 parking lot and entrance to the building if you are driving in the direction of Bolderaja.

RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6

Address: 4 Durbes Street, Riga, LV-1007
Telephone: + 371 29349122
E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: riseba_udens

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