Portfolio Management and Analysis



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Ingus_Grasis_RISEBA.jpgIngus Grasis, MBA

Employed in banking sector for more than 15 years, since 2011 - Investment Strategist, Private Banking, SEB Banka.

Beforehand Ingus Grasis was the Head of Retail Business Development at SEB Banka, being responsible for development of retail banking products, services and solutions both for SMEs and private persons.

He has worked as a Managing Director at Sampo Banka, Head of Retail Banking and Head of Administration at Nordea Bank Finland Plc. Latvia Branch and in several other positions.


Aim of the course - acquire the main principles of the investment analysis, the portfolio design and performance evaluation.


Syllabus outline (themes, teaching and learning methods: seminars, practical assignments and other):

  • Concept of investment portfolio return and risk. Analysis of historical returns.
  • Determination of risk and risk tolerance. Principles of investment portfolio design. Diversification and portfolio risk. Optimal risky portfolio.
  • Expected return. Beta of financial assets. Index models.
  • Capital Assets Pricing Model (CAPM). Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT) and multifactor models of risk and return. Efficient Market Hypothesis.
  • Principles and application of Behavioral Finance. Empirical evidence on security returns. Historical returns, expected returns, risk premium.
  • Active and passive portfolio management. Importance of asset allocation. Investment management process. Portfolio performance analysis.


On successful completion of the course/module, student will be able to (knowledge, skills and competences):

  • Has no difficulty to define substance of the modern portfolio theory. Can use examples to show its practical advantages and disadvantages.
  • Fully understands basic findings, assumptions, and limitations of CAPM and APT. Has no difficulty to demonstrate examples of practical application.
  • Has no difficulty to conduct a holistic risk/return analysis of an investment portfolio in Excel. Fully understands and can demonstrate all standard Excel functionality to conduct a simple investment portfolio optimization.
  • Has no difficulty to appraise performance of different financial instruments and investment portfolios. Can demonstrate usage of different ratios and indicators in order to present a detailed analysis of the investment performance.
  • Understand EMH, its predictions and limitations. 
  • Identify behavioral biases in practical examples. 

Study environment

The studies are held at the main building of RISEBA – 3 Meža Street.


Diana Krone

Head of RISEBA Career Development Centre
Phone.: +371 67617698
Mob.phone: +371 25620068
E - mail: [email protected]
Address: Meza street 3, room 311

RISEBA main building
3 Meža Street, Riga

You can reach the main building by trolleybus No 9, bus No 3 and 30 getting off at “Kalnciema iela” stop, as well as by tram No 4 or 5 getting off at “Nometņu iela” stop.


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