Let's create start-ups! #5 Info Session Riseba

Want your own start-up? We will give you an idea and get you started!

Come to the Commercialization Reactor's 12th Ignition Event at the Deep Tech Atelier conference.

That’s right! The Commercialization Reactor will literally hand you a cutting-edge technology and guide you in building your own global high-tech start-up. The best part: it’s free! You only invest your time and effort, while initially still keeping your existing job and commitments. 

How it works:

1. Info Session (18:00, April 5th, RISEBA, 113. auditorium): learn about the Commercialization Reactor and Ignition Event. Meet some of our start-ups. Q&A.

2. Commercialization Reactor 12th Ignition Event (April 13-14): Potential entrepreneurs (you!) are invited to see 12 pre-selected teams of world-class scientists present their innovations for commercialization. We arrange matchmaking and initial team formation, leading to your team's first ‘mini pitch’.

3. Next steps: team formation, mentoring, acceleration & investment of up to 300k EUR in the best start-ups!

This year, the Commercialization Reactor 12th Ignition Event takes place at the Magnetic Latvia Technology Conference “Deep Tech Atelier”: a forum and a practical workshop dedicated to deep-tech start-up creation and further development. It will bring together all of the industry's stakeholders, including scientists, entrepreneurs, industry representatives and policymakers. 

The event is organized by the Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūra - LIAA and the Commercialization Reactor

Learn more about the Ignition Event here: http://www.commercializationreactor.com/12th-ignition-event

Register for the Deep Tech Atelier, during which the event takes place: http://deeptechatelier.liaa.gov.lv/.

Info Session Riseba