JĀNIS DRIPE (LV) Undergraduate programme "Architecture" programme director

Jānis Dripe


Jānis Dripe currently is working as an Architect and Expert at the Ministry of Culture on architecture and creative industries. He is a former City architect of Riga (2006 – 2011), Head of State Protocol (2002 – 2006), Ambassador of Latvia to the Kingdom of Sweden (1996 – 2001), Minister of Culture of Latvia (1993 – 1995) and President of Architects Association of Latvia (1993 – 1996).

Jānis Dripe is also an author of more than 300 articles on architecture and culture in Latvian and foreign newspapers and magazines. Author of the book „Architecture in Latvia 1991 – 2011”.


BART MELORT (BE), Supervisor at the Architectural Design Studio I & II

Bart Melort

Bart Melort is an architect, urban planner and landscape designer and has extensive experience in medium an

d large projects in Belgium and abroad. Bart is appointed as a lecturer at the University of Ghent (BE). In 2005 he obtained an advanced Master degree at the renowned Berlage Institute.

In 2009 Bart founded MikeViktorViktor architects. Couple of years ago in 2013 the collaboration with architect Sven Verbruggen started. MikeViktorViktor architects is a design firm based in Antwerpen and specializing in architecture, urban design and urban planning. The portfolio includes both private and public contracts with a scale ranging from 20 to 20 000 m2. Projects are characterized by the search for a particularization of the boundary between public and private. Research and expertise of small projects is used in large-scale developments, and vice versa. The process is non-dogmatic and hands-on, which results in an iterative process by which a number of proposals are examined in parallel and the result pursues a synthesis. MikeViktorViktor architects is currently working on a series of public buildings in Flanders: a hybrid residential building for the Lessius Hogeschool in Antwerp, a youth center in Liedekerke and an elementary school in Lummen. In addition, several residential projects are being constructed in Antwerp and Flanders. In 2013 the office was invited in two exhibitions - Young Creators, Thinkers, Dreamers and Future Visions Between Sea And Land.


ANDRIS KRONBERGS (LV) architect, Supervisor at the Architecture Design Studio III

Andris Kronbergs

Acquired architectural qualification after graduating Riga Technical University. Worked as an architect and project architect in the national planning institute Pilsētprojekts from 1975 - 1985. From 1985 until 1998 has been deputy head architect of Riga city. Since 1989 one of the founders and leaders of ARHIS ARCHITECTS – one of the biggest and most established architectural practices in Latvia.

ARHIS ARCHITECTS have worked on large scale projects on a city planning scale, creating a broad selection of solutions for various territory planning projects and development visions. They participated in one of the biggest city planning events of past years concerning the creation of vision for the development of Daugava’s left bank in Riga. Andris Kronbergs led and participated in the planning processes of large scale projects of both civic and public importance, like the Riga Airport, The National Bank of Latvia building – both construction and reconstruction, offices, commercial buildings and residential housing. ARHIS ARCHITECTS constantly has been a place where architectural students, both local and foreign, have gained practical experience during their internship in different fields of profession. Office takes active part in the architectural competitions of local and international importance. The projects of ARHIS ARCHITECTS several times won the Grand Prix of Latvian annual architecture award, together with many other nominations and awards in separate project categories. In year 2003 architect A. Kronbergs was nominated for the Pritzker Prize. 

Since 1985 A. Kronbergs has been supervising diploma projects and reviewed works, was participant of the National Evaluation Comitee in Riga Technical University and Riga Building College. He has given lectures both in Latvian universities and abroad. The current problems concerning city planning, architecture and social-politic aspects are known well enough due to participating in the Council for Preservation and Development of Riga Historical Centre, Latvian National Architecture Council, Board of Latvian Architect Union and Riga City Architect’s Collegium.


DIDZIS JAUNZEMS (LV) Supervisor at the Architectural Design Studio I & II

Didzis JaunzemsArchitect and urban planner, founder of the architecture practice DJA, based in Riga. Didzis Jaunzems received his degree in architecture in Riga Technical University. He has also studied in Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Likewise he has participated in architectural summer schools in The Netherlands and Finland, workshops in India, China and Switzerland, as well as various architectural competitions around the Europe. Before founding DJA, Didzis Jaunzems worked in the leading architecture office in the world OMA (Office for Metropolitain Architecture) on library, exhibition-park, university projects in France, Moscow agglomeration project in Russia and other country scale urban planning projects in Middle East.


MARTIN SOBOTA (NL) Supervisor at the Architectural Design studio IV

Martin Sobota

Martin Sobota is the director of the Rotterdam branch of CITYFÖRSTER architects + planners and handles most international projects of the partnership. CITYFÖRSTER signature projects are based on programmatic and process-orientated strategies with a focus is on the performative aspect of architecture and urban design. The main objective of the work is to contribute to a sustainable development of the build environment. Projects deal with the city in all its dimensions and scales. 
Martin has lectured on architecture and urbanism at several schools internationally, amongst which TU Delft, IaaC Barcelona, Universidad Diego Portales in Chile and Bauhaus University Weimar. He also works as a consultant to the German Government through KfW Entwicklungbank. 

For Martin‚ the city is a complex system, which functions by diversity, liveliness and the interaction of its different elements: “The city - just like the forest - is defined by its constant change.” We must find new ways to stimulate and manage its complexity rather than imposing simplistic strategies that do not cater for the thriving organism that is the “city”. Architecture and sustainable construction methods are the basic ingredients for a functioning urban and global metabloism that re-uses and re-configures, rather than consumes resources.


ANDRES ALVER (EE) architect, Supervisor at the Architecture Design Studio III

Andres AlverEstonian architect Andres Alver is a founder of the an internationally recognized office Alver Arhitektid and urban design lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts. The architect's handwriting can be found in the areas with historically sensitive architectural heritage, where the modern design tools are used to achieve the harmony between the new and the old. The most important works of Andres Alver include the reconstruction of Tallinn's Freedom Square, City Plaza office building and the De La Gardie shopping center in Tallinn, as well as a number of various different scale projects in Estonia and Finland. A. Alver is a member of the Estonian Union of Architects.


AUSTRIS MAILĪTIS (LV) architect, supervisor at the Basics of Design Studio I

Austris Mailītis

Austris Mailītis is a Latvian architect working with unique art & architecture projects. He was born in 1984, in the family of artists. Creation of artworks, cinema, architecture and design objects was his milieu since early childhood. He graduated as an architect from Riga Technical University in 2012. Austris Mailitis is an author of large scale projects including Latvian Pavilion in Expo 2010 Shanghaiand Latvian National Open-air Stage - biggest choir stage in the world.

In last years he has been an architect for Latvian pavilions in 55th and 56th Venice Art Biennale and has been working on unique building for levitation - Shaoling Flying Monks Temple in China. In 2011 he was awarded with national prize "Architect's footprint" for particular contribution in development of Latvian architecture. In 2014 his work was nominated for EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award 2015. Austris Mailītis is currently working on convertion of historical beer brewery building in Cēsis, Latvia into the Arts & Science centre. He have an architecture studio in Riga.


INTS MENĢELIS (LV) Supervisor at the Architectural Design Studio III & IV

Ints MenģelisArchitect and designer. Received his architect diploma at Riga Technical University Faculty of Architecture and Urban planning. Currently working as an architect in one of the largest arhitecture offices in Riga - Sarma & Norde. His job experience includes work in such practices as NRJA (F.L. Tadao & Lukševics), Mailitis A.I.I.M.Ints was a part of the design team for Latvia Expo 2010 pavilion in Shanghai, he has participated in numerous architecture competitions. As one of the key skills he points out the ability to work in multicultural enviroment, gained and proved while studying abroad in Spain and through working with the project of national EXPO pavilion in China. Ints was also one of the curators of architecture group exhibition [email protected] in 2008 held in the Latvian Museum of Architecture.


DINA SUHANOVA (LV) Supervisor at the Basics of Design Studio I & II

Dina SuhanovaArchitect. Received her architect diploma at Riga Technical University Faculty of Architecture and Urban planning. Studied also at Tampere Technical University The School of Architecture. During study process participated in several student workshops, summer schools and exhibitions. In 2013 Dina received the master's degree in Art Academy of Latvia, Department of History and Theory of Visual Arts and Culture. She has gained experience also in theatre scenography and graphic design. Dina has worked for architecture companies INDIA and MARK, spend half-year internship at Copenhagen based architecture office EFFEKT. From year 2010 works in cooperation with architectural design studio Mailitis A.I.I.M. and was a team member of Latvia Expo 2010 Shanghai pavilion project. From 2012 works as a lecturer at FAD, writes for the magazine Latvijas Architektūra and leads her own research projects curently concentrating on the history of architectural drawing in Latvia. 

LINDA KRŪMIŅA (LV) Supervisor at the Basics of Design studio I & II

Linda KrūmiņaArchitect, received her degree in architecture in Riga Technical University. She has also studied in Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. In Copenhagen she has worked for Henning Larsens Tegnestue, Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter and Design Group. Co-founder of the architecture practice MADE arhitekti, based in Riga. Office is taking part in numerous public architecture competitions, among them the new building of Saldus Music and Art school, which received grand prix in main Latvian Architecture award in year 2013. Besides the work in architecture office Linda writes about architecture Latvijas Architektūra and other publications, also she is a master student in social anthropology in Riga Stradins University. Member of Latvian Association of Architects.


UDO GARRITZMANN (DE/NL) Guest professor of Architectural Theory

Udo Garritzmann

Udo Garritzmann is an independent architect, researcher and teacher of architecture based in Rotterdam. In his office Garritzmann Architecten, founded in 2005, he works on diverse small and medium-scale projects with a particular interest in resilient building typologies, contemporary forms of ornament and the mediation of tradition and modernity. As project architect he worked in the offices of OMA/Rem Koolhaas and of Frits van Dongen (then partner at De Architekten Cie) on mostly large-scale public buildings and urban planning projects. Udo Garritzmann graduated with honours from TU Delft and received the post-professional degreeMaster Design in Design Studies (MDesS) from Harvard University.

He regularly has accepted commitments as lecturer, visiting professor or critic at various schools of architecture, such as Amsterdam Academy of Architecture,Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Münster School of Architecture. He was assistant professor at TU Delft from 2004 – 2009, where he directed a research studio On Ornament and the graduation studio The Decorated Diagram. Currently he teaches at TU Delft a design studio and a theory seminar on Tectonics in Architecture. From 1995 – 2000 he was member of the editorial board of OASE, magazine for architecture. His research publications pursue architectural reflections from the position of the designing architect and therefore address aspects of design methodology. Recently he was member of the research project on Brick Tectonics at Amsterdam Academy for Architecture.


ILZE PAKLONE (LV/JP) architect

Ilze Paklone

Ilze Paklone holds Doctoral Degree in Architecture from Riga Technical Universitycompleted in 2015 with the thesis Visual representation in spatial planning in Latvia. From 2011 until 2015 supported by the Japanese Government Scholarship program Monbukagakusho she had been doctoral and research student atThe University of TokyoUrban Design and Conservation Laboratory focusing on legal framework, theoretical and practical approaches to urban planning in Japan. Her field of expertise in architecture and spatial planning includes such competences as 1) extensive experience in design and technical projects within international teams 2) teaching and researching at university level 3) publications for architects and wider audiences on contemporary architecture 4) graphic design with particular emphasis on visualizations for urban design. 

Ilze has gained the teaching experience starting from 2010 at the Riga Technical University, Latvia and Keio University, Japan, where she was a guest researcher-assistant for the project Measuring the Non-Measurable. Her work experience in the architecture started already in 2002. Ilze is the co-founder of STUDIO WASABI (JP) and has worked in such offices as Wiel Arets Architects (NL), NRJA and Armands Bisenieks Arhitekti (both LV). Ilze has collaborated with RAFAEL A. BALBOA on publications for Italian magazine DOMUS and has a wide range of other publications in conference proceedings, graphic contributions for various publications, numerous presentations in the conferences and research activities.


ATIS KAMPARS (LV) Lecturer in Fine arts and Theory of Art

Atis Kampars

Education: Art Academy of Latvia, pictorial art; St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture, named after I.E.Repin. Atis Kampars completed cultural heritage training in Zalcburg, Austria; holds a strategic management certificate from School of Economics in Riga in cooperation with the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan (USA).

He began his doctoral studies in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University (Helsinki) in 2010. His doctoral research is named “Culture of Academic Drawing – History, Problematics, and Context”. He learned drawing in the University of Southern Maine (USA) and in the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki (Kuvataideakatemia). He worked as Erasmus guest lecturer in several Scandinavian high schools. A participant of various European fine arts and design schools’ conferences; he represented Baltic fine arts schools in the North Association of Fine Arts High Schools (KUNO) from 2002 to 2006. He’s been working as an expert in higher education in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania since 2001. He participated in bachelor and master theses defence at the University of Tartu Institute for Cultural Research and Fine Arts and Vilnius Academy of Arts. Art expert at European Union representational offices in Latvia since 2010.


ALEXANDER RAPPAPORT (LV/RU) Professor in History of Ideas and Thinking

Alexander RappaportAlexander Rappaport is an architect, architecture critic and art historian. He is a member of Architecture Union of Russia (from 1968) and International Committee of Architectural critics (from 1985), The Association of Art Critics (from 2002) and Russian Union of Designers (from 2003). He worked as the architect in Russian Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Urban planning in Leningrad (1965-1969), research laboratory director of Moscow Research and Design Institute for Culture, Recreation, Sports and Health (1972-1977), scientific research worker and senior scientist in Architectural Theory and Urban Research Institute (1978-1991), journalist at BBC in London (1991-2001). Now he continues as a leading research scientist in Architectural Theory and Urban Research Institute. He is an author of more than 200 publications concerning architecture, methodology of architecture, urban planning, architectural design, theory of architecture and design, fine arts, animation and photography in different countries. Has been guest lecturer in AA School of Architecture (London) un Strelka Institute (Moscow). From 2004 he resides in Mazirbe (LV).


JĀNIS LEJNIEKS (LV) Professor in Latvian Architectural History

Jānis LejnieksDoctor in Architecture, received his degree in architecture at Riga Technical University, worked for the state company “Pilsētprojekts” (Latvian Town Planning Institute) in the Urbanism Workshop, in 90-ties joined State Inspection of Heritage Protection, where was founding Director of Latvian Museum of Architecture and remains strongly connected to it as a Curator and member of the Scientific Council. He was Guest lecturer of History of Architecture and Architectural Design in RTU, Faculty of Architecture, has finished EU Training Course “Sustainable Cultural Heritage” in London, UK, and is expert in architecture, urban planning and practical site management. Editor in-Chief of bi-monthly magazine „Latvijas Architektūra”, historian of urban planning, author of the books "Rīga, kuras nav” (Never built Riga), monographies of Latvian architects Modris Gelzis and Andris Kronbergs and others. Member of the Board of the Latvian Architectural Association, Ex-Chairman of the Board, has been awarded for his work. 


GREG MACDONALD (CAN) Professor in Innovation, creativity, psychology, entrepreneurship and project management

Greg Macdonald

Greg MacDonald works in psychology, innovation, creativity, strategic planning and international business. He has a PhD in Psychology (visual perception / communication) from the  University of Alberta in Canada and an MBA in strategic planning and international business from Sydney University, Australia. He has taught architecture students at Univ. of Melbourne, Univ. of Auckland and in Copenhagen at the Royal Danish Academy.

He taught psychology at Copenhagen University and business at the Stockholm School of Economics and Oslo Business School. Greg has written 46 books and papers including a recent book on Innovation in China. This year taught innovation and creativity at UIB in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Currently he is working on is on nomadic hunters and gatherers, sustainability, and the Atlantis diaspora


FAD guest professors:

KASPARS KALNIŅŠ (LV) Senior researcher in composites

Kaspars KalniņšStructural engineer, Kaspars Kalniņš has received a Ph.D. fromInstitute of Materials and Structures at Riga Technical University in 2006.His research activities cover design/analysis prototyping and optimizationof composite structures. He has been a senior researcher for several ECFramework Programme R&D projects for improved design scenarios for newgeneration composite structures in aeronautics, surface and marinetransport. Furthermore Kaspars has been international research fellow atDepartment of Aerospace Engineering of Politecnico di Milano and Materials &Components Technology Division at European Space Agency conducting aresearch on damage tolerant lightweight composite structures.