Latvian State Scholarships

Citizens from countries that have signed an agreement with Latvia or offer scholarships for Latvian citizens can apply for the Latvian state scholarships

Eligible countries: changes from year to year.

Eligible countries for 2020/2021*:

Azerbaijan   Italy Spain
Belgium Kazakhstan Tajikistan
Bulgaria Kyrgyzstan China
Croatia Mexico Turkey
Cyprus Moldova Turkmenistan
Finland Mongolia Ukraine
France Peru Uzbekistan
Israel South Korea  
Georgia Poland  

*Please check the eligible countries for the academic year you are applying for.

  Bachelor students*
(you have to successfully complete 1st year of studies) 
Master students PhD students

Scholarship period:
Up to 10 months Up to 10 months Up to 11 months
Scholarship amount: Up to 11 months 500 EUR/month

670 Eur/month


Application deadline:  1st of April

Application process:

  • You must register in the system and make a profile with a unique login and password.
  • After that you must fill in the online form and upload all the necessary documents:
  • A copy of a letter of the relevant Latvian higher education institution, confirming the foreigner’s opportunity to study in the chosen study programme and informing about the language of instruction (Latvian or other EU official language). **
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV). Please use the Europass template***
  • Letter of motivation (including activities outside studies related to the study field in Latvia or in the home country, e. g. work in professional organisations, participation in scientific conferences, international projects)
  • Photocopies of diplomas of higher education and supplements or a transcript of records of the last two study semesters (if studies are not completed)
  • Copies of two letters of recommendation from academic staff members, signed within the last six months
  • Study plan for duration of the scholarship. Please use the form:  
  • A copy of a certificate or other document certifying the language proficiency required for studies
  • Copy of an ID (identification document) or a passport.

** Please send to the contact person of the Latvian HEI your CV and diploma supplement (or transcript of records of the last two semesters if studies are not completed jet).  Contact person: Ms Aleksandra Dombrovska  [email protected]
***Europass CV format found here

Awarding criteria    

1.Academic success of the applicant in the last two semesters if studies are not completed jet or in the diploma** (maximum 5 points)
2. Outline of how the chosen studies will improve the applicant’s knowledge and professional skills as well as the motivation for studying in Latvia (maximum 5 points)
3. The applicant’s out-of-study activities related to the chosen study field in Latvia and his/her state (practical appointments in professional organisations, participation in research conferences and international projects etc.) (maximum 5 points)
4. The applicant has applied for the studies in the field of the Latvian and Baltic philology , literature and culture or history of Latvia*** (maximum 5 points)


! Any incomplete applications will not be considered.
All documents, which are not in Latvian or English, shall be translated into Latvian or English.

All study programmes in English at Latvian higher education institutions are not free of charge.

You can use the scholarship for covering of the tuition fee or for accommodation and meals.

! Please take into account that the amount of the scholarship is not high enough to cover all expenses in Latvia.

!! If you are outside of Latvia for more than 15 days per month, the scholarship will not be provided!

The Latvian scholarship cannot be awarded concurrently with other scholarships.

Travel expenses from a home country to and from Latvia are not covered by the Latvian scholarship.

Scholarship holders are required to make their own arrangements for insurance coverage.

Scholarships for applicants from one country may not exceed 10% from the total grant amount for study scholarships.

If you are nominated by a competent authority of their countries – Ministry of Education, Agency for Education etc. –, they have to contact the authority and send application documents to the authority as well, if required.

If you want to continue your studies in Latvia for one more year, you have to re-apply for the Latvian scholarship.
The Latvian scholarship can be awarded not more than for two consecutive terms to one individual.

You can find more detailed information about Latvian state scholarship here
If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us: [email protected], +37167500256