Студенческие отзывы

Amanda Kaža


If I chose to describe RISEBA’s EBS program in a few words, I would say – multinational, personal and auspicious.

In my first year I was struck by the level of internationality and the open-minded atmosphere in EBS. It is a successful mix of different people who not only get along, but actually carry out projects and organize events. This is complimented by the personal approach of our lecturers who are busy professionals themselves, yet never fail to interact with each student and offer help if necessary. RISEBA atmosphere not only makes you feel comfortable as a student, but also inspires you to do something yourself – whether it is taking part in The British Chamber of Commerce event or becoming an entrepreneur.


Paula Renate Lukina

This is the place which unites the best students with the best professors and wonderful opportunities which makes it so special.

This is where I have developed my personal and professional skills, gained so many experiences, e.g. internship in France, LCCI exams, which are very valuable. There are amazing people around me who have become my friends.

This is an extraordinary experience that I would recommend for everybody because this you can get only here, in RISEBA. 


Paula Renate Lukina


At the end of the 12th grade I was interested in many things and had some ideas in completely different areas until I came across Europan Business Studies program in RISEBA. Paula Renāte Lūkina

EBS included everything I was looking for and even more - the international accreditation EPAS, double-degree and ERASMUS possibilities made this program even more interesting for me, as well as the fact the lectures are held in English.

After my first year of studies I am completely satisfied with the program, teachers, projects and events I was able to participate. The environment is international and I have not talked to so many foreigner people in my entire life as I did in the past 10 months. The atmosphere is friendly and it is clear that the professors are experts in their areas and passionate about the subjects they are teaching. European Business studies are for people who want to get an international education, are not afraid to challenge themselves and achieve great things


Гита Янсоне 

GITA JANSONEВ начале первого семестра не была уверена в своих знаниях английского и думала, что это станет препятствием для моего обучения. Но я успешно завершила первый год обучения по программе «Европейский бизнес» и искренне благодарна преподавателям, являющимся не только профессионалами своей отрасли, но и отличными педагогами, которые понимают нужды студентов, помогают и ободряют. В процессе обучения я ощутила действительно индивидуальный подход.

Я рада, что, помимо обучения на английском языке, здесь возможно углубить свои языковые знания на таких предметах, как «Деловой английский» (English for Business) и «Разговорный английский в производстве и торговле» (Spoken English for Industry and Commerce). Это помогло мне существенно улучшить навык владения английским языком и успешно изучать экономику, управление и другие предметы. Считаю, что очень важно изучать бизнес и осваивать иностранные языки. Согласна с Федерико Феллини, который сказал, что «Другой язык – это другой взгляд на жизнь», и я искренне рада, что у меня есть возможность расширять свой кругозор, осваивая английский, русский, французский и испанский языки. Я также воспользуюсь дополнительными возможностями, которые предлагает высшая школа, и постараюсь получить диплом Лондонской торгово-промышленной палаты. Это увеличит мою конкурентоспособность на международном рынке труда.

Могу с уверенностью утверждать, что RISEBA - это путь к международной карьере.


Ruslans Šabanovs

Airbaltic Pilot

Ruslans ŠabanovsWhen I came to RISEBA I was very encouraged to develop my English skills, and to learn new languages such as French and Spanish, which definitely helped me in my future carrier and life.

At the first year of studies I was completely shocked by the extremely high level of professors and the programme itself. The atmosphere was very friendly and the studies went very fun. The other important thing for me was that I met a lot of friends there, and after many years we are still in touch.

As you can see my profession is a Pilot, but I could not become a pilot without the RISEBA`s European Business studies programme, when I had the job interview, I was chosen because of my powerful degree which I had.

At the end, I can say that EBS programme gives best knowledge and opportunities in all aspects of your future life and carrier, everything I achieved could not be done without the RISEBA`s help. Thank you!


Gita Evele

Dukascopy Bank SA

Gita EveleEducation is the best investment you can make, and I think RISEBA was the best decision that I could have made.

One of my main responsibilities on my current job, is to conduct an interviews with highly positioned people, such as Financial directors or Latvian and European bank presidents. EBS programme gave me a solid communication and listening skills and perfect knowledge of how to speak with people, and understanding of discipline importance, special thanks to Elena Malesko and Polina Naidenko for that.

Graduating from RISEBA`s EBS programme, helped me to achieve everything that I currently have.


Sigvards Krongorns 
EBS 4th year student

Sigvards KrongornsI must say that 4 study years in RISEBA gave me so much, that it is really hard to express everything in such short text. Briefly speaking EBS programme, gave me everything that i needed to understand what exactly i want from my future carrier.  Lots of international projects where i met new friends and possible future colleagues from different countries. Summer studies in Biarritz – France, was an amazing opportunity to take my french language to the next level and just to have a great great time . At the end i can say, if you want to be something more than just a regular student – choose RISEBA, be number one!




Aleksandra Prohorenko

Natural cosmetics shops “Naturel” Manager

Aleksandra ProhorenkoI believe, RISEBA is a university that fulfills expectations of its students.

From one side, you will receive all the necessary information and gain knowledge for your future job opportunities, which as well will be practiced in classes during variety of practical cases. In EBS classes it was the best combination, because it is much easier to understand all aspects of business by use of examples and practice of cases. In my present job the knowledge and experience I gained was very useful.

On the other side, RISEBA and particularly EBS program gives its students a lot of opportunities to experience their first success or failures, improve communication skills and practice collaboration with foreigners, participate in a lot of different events and every holiday in RISEBA becomes something special. EBS program is not only a curse that gives its students to study French language but also provides with opportunity to practice and improve knowledge of language in France. It was the greatest experience.   


Anastasia Citaeva

Corporate and Legal department в fincorpo.com Group Latvia

Anastasia CitaevaEuropean Business Studies programme gives opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. What I can tell from my experience is that EBS and especially LCCI diplomas give a great advantage on the job market today. Moreover, not only the diploma is important - most of knowledge and experience I got during 4 years of studies help me much in my everyday work today. Apart from great career opportunities I feel compelled to point out that the whole study process was exciting and challenging thanks to experienced, charismatic and highly professional lecturers and professors.



Agnese Munica

Bank of Latvia

"European Business Studies" at RISEBA, first of all, helped me to establish solid background of economic, financial and managerial competencies at the Bachelor level that, in turn, has encouraged me to pursue a graduate degree in finance and law as the next step in my academic and professional development.

Understanding of multi-disciplinary issues, opportunity to study in an international environment and cross-cultural exchange of experiences as well as outstanding business English, French and Russian language competencies gained at this study programme have not only reinforced my academic success at the graduate level but have also facilitated my career development at my current workplace - the Bank of Latvia.

The academic and extracurricular experiences gained at RISEBA have helped me to develop as a truly cosmopolitan personality with significant international exposure. RISEBA has taught me to take up risks and responsibilities as well as appreciate the rewards! Thus, I can now take this international teamwork, leadership and finance knowledge to my current and future employers, and share it with my colleagues.

If you would like to become truly ambitious, team-oriented and diligent professional specialised in economics and international management, European Business studies at RISEBA is surely the best choice you could make!


Liene Ieva Kraupša

Liene Ieva KraupšaThe main advantage of the EBS programme in my view, is its international environment- the programme is carried out fully in English, therefore from the first year of studies I have had an opportunity to broaden my horizons by studying together with foreign students and be taught by local and foreign teachers.

The reason why I chose to study RISEBA was the opportunity to develop my linguistic skills -primarily business English language skills since the studies are in English, secondarily, business French language for the entire study period with the linguistic practice trip in France which is included in the program.Thirdly, Spanish language choice in the 3rd year.

Learnt language, business and management skills I practically apply leading Academic direction at RISEBA Student Council.
For the future I plan to use international opportunities provided by RISEBA- Erasmus exchange program and / or doubledegree opportunity to study year abroad, receiving also foreign university diploma.


Ruslans Smagins 
EBS 3rd year

Ruslans Smagins To start with, I was always wondering how to become an entrepreneur one day and truly believed that in order to create my own business I just need that ‘’Gold’’ mind taking idea and everyone will start to clap and applause me for that. However, I realized that the truth is that it is not only about the luck but also about execution, which is 99% of the success. That is why, I think it is so important to study well and go through different kind of practical experiences in order to gain sufficient knowledge and skills to be a successful entrepreneur.

Thus, studies in the EBS provide me with a fortune of things I need to know: starting from economics and marketing in the first year going to entrepreneurship, logistics and leadership in the latter stages of the programme. However, it is not only about the courses which I value the most, but also about the possibilities EBS programme offers to me. For example, after my second year, I had a great opportunity to go for professional internship in Greece, where I had the possibility to apply all my knowledge gained in the programme and learn practical things. My employers highly appreciated my fluency in Business English and Business Administration which I gained from LCCI courses.

To conclude, I would like to cite Lord Beaverbrook who told “Business is more exciting than any game”, although if you know or wishing to know how to play it. I am very glad that I have the opportunity to learn and use the rules of business that are brought to me by EBS programme.


Polina Leshkovica
EBS 4th year student

I am happy and lucky, that I have chosen to study European Business Studies. I believe that this is one of the best programmes that RISEBA is offering. And, for sure, this is the most beneficial programme. Aside from fact, that the language of studies is English, we have lots of international opportunities and crosscultural communication. We also have a chance to get an LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) diploma, which will assist a lot if we decide to start our career abroad. It is challenging to get this diploma, but once you study hard it is possible. Lecturers contribute a lot to the value of this programme, as all of them are professional, even young professors, they never hesitate to share their own experience with us,so that we could learn from their example. If one is considering to study in RISEBA, I would definetely recommend this programme.


Artems Suhostavecs
EBS 4th year student

European Business Studies is one of the best business programs in Latvia. After long consideration and comparison I have chosen it. This decision was made because of several factors. First of all the language of teaching, with English you have got much more perspectives than studying in Latvian or Russian. Secondly, the high professionalism of teaching staff and interesting guest lecturers. Thirdly, International opportunities, Erasmus program or Double Degree.  Moreover, the possibility to get international qualification of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All those factors are making EBS program simply the best in Latvia.


Marija Bičane
EBS 4th year student

European Business Studies programme has everything I was seeking. Firstly, it is individual approach to each student and flexibility in course structure which makes programme really relevant. This in combination with highly professional and supportive teaching staff creates ideal conditions for unleashing student’s potential, personal development and boosting creativity. Secondly, EBS is the place where theory meets practice through individual and teamwork, fascinating workshops, seminars and research projects. Internship in Latvia and abroad as well as additional local and guest lectures contributes to our further development and implementation of our knowledge in practice. Moreover, EBS programme is not only about business and management, but also perfect language skills, which are crucial in conducting any business nowadays and moving towards an international career. In addition, students have brilliant opportunity to take LCCI qualifications which make you more competitive on the labour market, enhance English, and make you a real business expert. Finally, EBS has great multicultural environment allowing working together with international students and professors as well as going abroad using ERASMUS and Double Degree programmes. EBS – challenging, but absolutely worth it!


Nikita Polovinkin
EBS 4th year student

I was lucky to take European Business Studies as my undergraduate bachelor programme. It provides a wide business-view from all the core sciences as marketing, management, accounting, economics, finance, leadership, human resources and others. Additionally, all the lectures are in English and it is a great possibility to improve my English and get used to all the special vocabulary. Learning French and Spanish and everyday lectures in international environment with foreign students will considerably help me in my future trans-border career. Moreover, this programme gives great international opportunities such as ERASMUS, Double Degree or international qualifications from London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Luīze Reuta
student of the RISEBA University European Business Studies

EBS.pngWhen choosing what to study I had set my mind to finding a programme that would be in English and recognized internationally. Luckily, RISEBA EBS offered that. So, what are the other benefits? It offers an insight in many areas of business! Starting from economics, marketing and ending with leadership and logistics.  You can strengthen and widen your vocabulary in English and French, and what helps even more when learning a language is the international environment around you, which means that I can use about 4 languages on a daily basis!

Last but not least, what stands out in my eyes is the personal approach to students from the professors. Be prepared for a lot of team work and critical thinking, but I promise you, in the end, it will help you in your future career. And talking about career, studying EBS enables me to take on opportunities such as great internships which I would not have had otherwise if it wasn't for this university and programme.