Artis Dzērve (Latvia)

“Motion Graphics and Design in Cinema 4D”

Attended Hamburg Art Academy of Free Arts Performing Arts graduate department with Professor Marina Abramovich and Mike Hentz to complement his 12 year experience working as a creative director in advertising. He worked in a variety of video, 2D and 3D animation-related projects. One of the Latvian founders of VJ [video DJ] movement. Still working as a VJ in creating about 30 different projects. Parallel work in advertising has acquired the TV moderator professionals working in reality shows. In his free time engaged in a variety of extreme sports: kitesurfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, diving.  (http://www.videostafford.com/; http://artismotionworks.posterous.com/)


Randal Kleiser (USA)

“Directing for Stage, TV, and New Media”

Randal has been an internationally known film director since the release of his first feature, Grease, the most successful movie musical ever made. Other features include The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Sheilds, Summer Lovers starring Peter Gallagher and Daryl Hannah, Grandview U.S.A. with Jamie Lee Curtis, Flight of the Navigator, featuring the first use of digital morphing in a motion picture; Honey, I Blew Up the Kid and White Fang. In London, he directed the critically acclaimed comedy, Getting It Right, starring Lynn Redgrave, Helena Bonham Carter, Jane Horricks and Sir John Guilgud. Two years later, Kleiser came up with an original musical movie shot on virtual sets, Red Riding Hood starring Joey Fatone and Lainie Kazan. For the past two years, Kleiser has been working with George Lucas to create The Nina Foch Project - an instructional video for aspiring actors, writers, and filmmakers. Kleiser was heavily influenced by Foch's teachings during his time at USC and maintained a relationship with Foch as his mentor throughout his career.


Mike Andrew Hentz (Germany/ USA)

“Cross-Media Technology and Integration”

Prof. Mike Hentz holds an impressive body of works whose nature and the synthesis of audiovisual language and experimental approbation have been featured in several international creative projects.  Born on July 2d, 1954 in New Jersey (USA), is a graphic artist, photographer, musician and performance artist, based in Berlin.  Besides his artistic work, focused mainly in new media and performance teaching worldwide.  Living in Italy, Austria and Switzerland he learned classical violin and was trained in musical theatre in Paris.  He co-founded the performance group “Deficit Delta T” publishing an album called Death Opuses. Besides, he organized the festival "Padlt Noidlt" in Zurich. With Minus Delta T he travelled world wide performing in public space, art galleries and festivals, touring around and making research about identity and culture of the diverse realities. In the 80’s Hentz had several guest professorships such us the one in the college for pedagogic arts in Hamburg. He also worked as an actor in the Frankfurt opera house. During the same years he co-founded the Broadcast radio programs "Frigo", "Radio Bellevue" and the „European Media Art Lab“ in 1989.
On the 90’s he begun with the tv projects “Van Gogh TV”, “Piazza Virtuale” and the “Univercity TV” all interactive television events shared through cable or satellite and developed in a performative basis. Later on he extended his sphere of activity to the East European countries, teaching in “The Institute of Art and Technology” in Moscow and at the University of Riga. In Poland he worked in cooperation with the Polish National Television to spread and establish a Media Art channel.
From 2003 Hentz is head of the Newmedia faculty in the Academy of arts in Stuttgart and is performing in festivals and performance venues around the World.


Andris Gauja (Latvia)

“Documentary Film Production”

(Born in 1978) Andris studied film, theatre and television screen writing at the Latvian Academy of Culture; he has worked as a television and press journalist, and learned to play the flute at the Jazepa Medina Music School. Until now, he was engaged in documentary film making, his last doc Family Instinct has been selected for more than 20 international film festivals around the world (Best World Feature at Silverdocs, USA; Nomination for the Best Mid-Length Documentary at IDFA, Amsterdam, nomination for the Academy Award at Russian Film Academy Awards NIKE etc.). Currently Andris Gauja is working on his feature film debut, “Graduation Year”.


Jānis Deinats (Latvia)


Graduated from the J. Vitols Latvian State Conservatory of Culture and Arts Department Theatre Department.  Since 1984 he has worked in the theater (Studio 8 and Kabata), as an independent photographer and for magazine “the Park.” Since 1997 he has worked at the association “Fotocentrs” through which  his works are published in the leading Latvian newspapers and magazines, art books and catalogs (working with such as Santa, Una, Club, Lilit, a publishing daily logs). He has participated in exhibitions "People at the Museum" (Museum of Art, 2003), "Witnesses of an Age”. LMS art collection. Painting. (National Museum of Art, 2002), "Aija Paints" (Gallery "Ciris", 1998) "Forget Things" (gallery "Studio I", Boston, USA, 1996), as well as the exhibition - in the campaign "Gentle Fluctuations "(Exhibition Hall" Latvia , 1990). For twenty years, he has made the portraits of Latvia’s culture, art, business and political elite.  Janis is the staff photographer for Dailes Theater.


Karen Lees Street (UK)


Karen is an experienced feature film script editor and development executive with extensive experience working with both emerging and experienced film-makers throughout Europe and in North America. During her tenure as Head of Development at the European Script Fund (MEDIA programme), the largest script development fund in Europe, she created and ran the first pan-European script analysis service. She is currently on the Management Committee of Tipping Point Film Fund,a funder of documentary films about international social justice issues and continues to work as a freelance script editor and screenwriter. Karen recently completed a historical crime novel as part of her MPhil at Glamorgan University and has been commissioned to write a screenwriting book on the crime genre.


Aigars Ceplitis – Katinsky (Latvia)

“New Media and Film Editing and Aesthetics”, “Pipeline Route in Autodesk Smoke”, “Film Narratology”

Aigars holds an MFA in Film Directing from California Institute of the Arts and Bachelor’s in American Art History from Lawrence University, had studied theater directing at John Goodman School of Drama in Chicago.  Working in Los Angeles since 2001 Aigars had served as an assistant and film editor to Randal Kleiser.  Currently, he is the Director of Master Studies in Audiovisual Arts, passioned to advance a sensible post-production infrastructure in Latvia as well as engrafting more the Anglo-Saxon tradition and principles into the Latvian theatrical arts.  Currently Aigars works as a feature film editor with Forma Pro Films.


John Grzinich (USA)

“Advanced Soundscapes” and “Modular Synthesis in Post Production Sound”

John is an renown Estonia based sound-video artist, photographer, project coordinator who holds a number of workshops on soundscapes in nearby communities in order to teach them how to use the designs for composing music. His is well-known experimental sound artist, a builder of amplified piano wire instruments, who uses them to compose even more sophisticated sound sculptures. He has created impressive video and audio installations throughout Europe, and his extensive work record may be found on http://maaheli.ee/main/.


Māra Ravins (Canada)

“Distribution and Niche Marketing”

Maea has received numerous Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council grants for film over the last 10 years, financial support from the OFDC (now OMDC), the National Film Board of Canada, The Danish Film Institute, and The Toronto Arts Council as well as two grants from the prestigious Soros Foundation in New York (now the Sundance Documentary Fund). She has served as a jury member on various arts councils and continues to work as a freelance production consultant and a mentor for young filmmakers. Her extensive experience creating development packages, financing plans, budget breakdowns, treatments and concept development have been honed while working for corporations such as Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc., Instinct Films, the National Film Board of Canada, Platforma Films and the Ontario Media Development Corporation.


Prof. Zilvina Lilas (Germany)

“3D Game Fundamentals and Development”

A well-known 3D animator.  Creative and technical appointments for Walt Disney Studios, Oddworld Inhabitants, Metrolight Studios, Artist's Inc., Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education, Wexner Center for the Arts. 
Films, games, publications: Treasure Planet, Chicken Little, Munch's Odyssey, Siegfried and Roy and others.  Since 2004 professor at the KHM.
Lectures and workshops at the festivals and academic institutions in Germany, USA, Lithuania and Sweden. Research interest: interactive art and design, simulated environments and scenarios, identity and technology.


Dr. Christopher Hales (UK)

“Interactive Cinema”
Dr. Christopher Hales has studied PhD research on Interactive Film Art at the RCA Film and TV Department, and taught as Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Art of the University of the West of England [Bristol] until 2001. His interactive films and CD-ROMs have been shown to date at film/ new media festivals in Sheffield, Perth, Melbourne, FCMM Montreal, Oberhausen, Hong Kong, Helsinki, Rotterdam, Berlin, and others. His "Interactive Cinema" installation showing selections of interactive movies has been shown in Japan, Germany, Holland, Canada, Denmark, London and South Korea.


Dr. Arthur Lindemanis (Latvia, USA)

“International Enterpreneurship in Mass Media”

Arturs Lindemanis  is  Head  of  Entrepreneurship  Department  at RISEBA, and a leading expert  in  EEA Project  developing and delivering innovative training modules for Baltic executives using an interdisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship and advanced technologies".  He holds  B.M.E. (Bachelor of Mechanic Engineering)  from  University of Delaware, USA and  Ph.D. Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, USA.  Arturs  is  a  former corporate executive and serial entrepreneur having lead six companies in biotech, robotics, food processing and apparel with revenues up to $30 million.